What is design?

According to Webster Dictionary:

1 : to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.
2 a : to conceive and plan out in the mind <he designed the perfect crime> 
   b : to have as a purpose : <she designed to excel in her studies> 
: to devise for a specific function or end <a book designed primarily as a college textbook>
3 archaic : to indicate with a distinctive mark, sign, or name
4 a : to make a drawing, pattern, or sketch of 
: to draw the plans for intransitive senses

At Sitecon we know web design can be defined in many different ways.

That is why we design each web site to our customers needs.

Sitecon understands with so many web design options available it can be very confusing.  Let Sitecon take the confusion out of your mind.  Our professional web design teams can produce a site that will fit your business and fit your needs.

How does Sitecon do it?

Layout: A very important part of any web site is the overall layout.  A customer must be able to easily find information.  Confusion on a web site will make a potential customer "click away" from your site.  Sitecon's professional web design team can make your site easy to navigate, and keep those customers at your web site!

Graphics:  There are several ways to produce an appealing site.  Sitecon's graphic designers can produce a web site like no other.  From static to animated graphics Sitecon can make your web site "look" and "feel" like you want it.  But what about those long downloads?  Yes, our web design team will optimize all graphics for speedy download times.  There is no sense in making a pretty web site if your customers "click away" before all your graphics download.  Sitecon can make the perfect combination!

Text:  What do I say on my web page??  Sitecon can guide you through the complexities of the web and help you get your message out.  Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more.  Which do you choose?  Let Sitecon recommend the "Best" way to get your message across.

Now my web site is up, what next?  Visit our "Marketing" page for more information.

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